Situation of Cassava Productions in 2022/23

26 Jan 2023
Thai Tapioca Starch Association (TTSA) has revised the estimation for demand of local cassava roots in 2022/23 to be 29,890,343 tons, compare to latest update estimation of local cassava productions in 2022/23 at 23,769,183 tons. From revised information, supply of local cassava productions is much less than the demand of local cassava roots for about 6,121,159 tons. As a result supply of cassava roots into the market is less than expected and price of cassava root is still at high level, even though we have entered into high season of cassava production.

The revision by TTSA for local cassava productions in 2022/23 has significantly decreased when compared to the crop survey report in September 2022 due to many conditions which have changed after latest crop survey. For example, many farmers have harvested their crop before its maturity (around 5-7 month), severe outbreak of Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD), Root Rot Disease and Witches Broom Disease, causing the average yield decreased around 30%. And many plantation areas has been damaged by big floods in October 2022. Some farmers have switched their cultivation to other crops.

TTSA would like to inform this updated situation to all members and will continue closely monitor the situation and will keep all members being updated for any situation that may change.

January 26, 2023