Establishment of Thai Tapioca Starch Association

Thai Tapioca Starch Association was established over 39 years ago, thanks to the initiative of those starch producers who foresaw the importance of having an association as a central body to coordinate efforts among the starch players, and also to promote and support tapioca starch industry in regards to production, marketing and technology, which would consequently benefit the Thai economy as a whole.


The 3 founders of The Thai Tapioca Flour Industries Trade Association comprised Mr. Boonthong Santikarn, Mr. Chairoj Phithayathikun and Mr. Suchat Tangsongcharoen.  The license was awarded on April 30, 1976 under the trade Association Act B.E. 2509.  The association name was later changed into "Thai Tapioca Starch Association" on June 3, 2002

Reasons for Establishment of the Association

There were 52 tapioca starch factories in Thailand in 1975.  Every year, during the peak harvesting period (October-March), those mills always required huge amount of cash to buy roots from farmers.  The tight cash-flow situation forced them to sell their output in rush, which resulted in business cycle of market price falling down below the production cost.  In the attempt to stabilize the price at the level that the mills and farmers could get reasonable margins, 36 manufacturers together formed up the association.  The association created the floor for them to address the issues and identify possible solutions.  They appreciate value and currently meet on a weekly basis.  

At present, Thai Tapioca Starch Association is well recognized in the industry.  It represents Thailand tapioca starch industry in advocacies and cooperation with the authorities as well as private parties.  Despite the fact that the membership is voluntary, number of members has been growing over the time.  It is fine to say that almost tapioca starch manufacturers in Thailand are either the association members or the affiliated companies of the members.  The association now registers 88 ordinary members, 99 associate and 6 honorary ones.

Association Management

The representatives of the Association's ordinary members entrusts a Board of Executive Committees by election.  The Board of Executive Committees is in the office for 2-year term and manages all administrations and activities of the association.  Each Board may appoint Advisors and honorary members to support the activities of the association.

List of Presidents of Association

Mr.Chairoj Phithayathikhum
Year 1976, 1979-1984

Mr.Hua Pathomwarutmapong
Year 1977-1978

Mr.Ung Meng Chua
Year 1985

Mr.Preecha Temprom
Since 1986